Monday, December 19, 2005

Article on Teaching Web Evaluation in History

An article on teaching web evaluation in history.
JAHC: Journal of the Association for History and Computing

Monday, December 12, 2005

Notable thefts of rare books and documents

Lexington Herald-Leader | 12/11/2005 | Notable thefts of rare books and documents: Notable thefts of rare books and documents

Narnia Frenzy - The Quad-City Times Newspaper: "C.S. Lewis scholarship has long been viewed as kind of fuddy-duddy-retro in academe, populated mostly by enthusiasts toiling away at religious colleges who often come to the massive Lewis output with an appreciation for its Christian message. “There is the feeling that it would be relegated to a corner,” says Christine Mather, a Lewis scholar and a lecturer in gender studies at Vanderbilt University, “that it would be a lesser area of study for a lesser scholar.”

Not now. Narnia Studies, with a minor in Harry Potter, are hot. “My goodness,” says Christopher Mitchell, director of the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College in Illinois, which houses the most comprehensive collection of Lewis material in the world. “There is a ton of stuff coming out right now. It’s a publishing frenzy. Everyone is trying to capitalize on the movie.”"

Princeton Islamic Documents

The Bryan-College Station Eagle > Faith & Values: "Numbering more than 10,000 texts, Princeton University's collection of handwritten Islamic documents, books and letters is the largest in North America. They date from the eighth and ninth centuries - soon after the faith was founded - to the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the early 1900s; most have gone unseen outside New Jersey for nearly a century."