Thursday, October 13, 2005

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ACRLog � Blog Archive � Evolving Discourse Communities: "An article that has been discussed recently on the ILI-L discussion list (sponsored by the Instruction Section of ACRL) is well worth reading."

Monday, October 03, 2005

New Books on Atheism

I'm selecting a few of these for our collection, probably Wolfe, Baggini and Wielenberg, maybe Harbour.

BOOKFORUM | Oct/Nov 2005: "Taken collectively, the writing of the new atheists offers a set of promising ideas. Harris, for all his negative energy, provides a potentially rich idea about mysticism, as cultivated in Eastern religions, as a 'rational enterprise.' In Buddhism, he argues, reaching beyond the self has been carefully and closely described and need not be left to faith but may be empirically studied. Baggini's rejection of dogma and militancy on all sides is not only refreshing but intellectually important; Wielenberg talks about the possible contribution of neuroscience to a future secular ethics. But by far the most important idea contained in these books is Harbour's effort to cast the discussion as a matter of worldviews."