Thursday, April 28, 2005

Easy Kung-Fu!

Kung-Fu librarian humorously karate chops students for the errors they make in their MA and PhD theses. Very attractive design for a librarian blog. Here's a nice piece of advice that could be applied to many kinds of academic writing:

4. But I already have friends...
This is an often overlooked problem: your research is based upon a pool of authors/scholars in the exact same field who all refer to one another. It's called incestuous research and involves the "comfort zone" of people whose writings in some way support your own theory inasmuch as they support each others'. You must go beyond the required and/or suggested readings that your professor gives you. Additionally, it's a good idea if you can identify, confront, explain, and logically be able to refute dissenting opinions.

The Kung-Fu Librarian: Nice to meet you slkwerli


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